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Psalms of the Heart offers the reader a “safe place” to overcome the challenges, pressures, and heavy weights that life can bring.  his soul-stirring collection is an essential element to the intimate time with God that is necessary to spiritual growth and development.


The powerful truths in this collection will empower you to exchange ashes for beauty, mourning for joy, and a spirit of heaviness for a garment of Praise!   Have you ever felt as though life has gotten the best of you with nowhere else to turn? Charles “CJ” Winton shares real-life experiences and scriptural references to propel you from that place of despair!  Each chapter contains actual accounts of his intimate time with God, in a way that is sure to change your outlook, renew your mind, and strengthen your faith!  


Psalms of the Heart will encourage the reader to NEVER give up, hold on, and be reminded of God’s presence in your valley experiences.   God is with you! He has a plan for you! He knows and he sees everything you’re faced with. He has given you the power to overcome, you shall not be defeated! YOUR NEW BEGINS NOW!

Psalms of the Heart

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