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Charles Winton: The Brand

Charles Winton

Charles Winton Jr., on the surface, is an extremity motivated and charismatic motivation speaker,

author, therapist with a passion for people. Charles is native of Memphis, Tennessee. He was raised

in the heart of Binghamton, what some would call the rough part of town. Raised in a single parent

home, Charles knew this was not going to be an easy road, however, he was always taught by his

mother to work hard. As a result, Charles went on to be the first in his family to go to college and complete

his Bachelor's degree. Charles attended the University of Memphis where he received his bachelor

degree in Criminal Justice. After witnessing the hard times in the streets and seeing his friends being

caught up in the criminal justice system, Charles wanted to work to change this projected road of

destruction that he witnessed happening all around him.

As a means to stay out the streets, Charles' mother wanted more for her son. She placed a piano in

front of him and the next thing you know, without any musical lessons, Charles picked up on the piano

and began playing for his church, where he serve as minister of music for 14 years. During this time,

Charles felt a strong calling on his life for more and he began preaching the word of God. Charles

also served as youth pastor at his church for 10 years.

Charles’ musical career was just beginning. Charles then became a part of a national recording choir,

Kevin Davidson and the Voices. Charles traveled the world over singing and ministering the word of

God. Later, Charles became Business Manager for the group where he handled all the bookings and

traveling arrangements. Known for his esteemed work in artist management, Charles then became

manager of several groups, including an all female contemporary group, Changed and then nationally

recording quartet artist, Perfection.

Charles knew this was not the end for him musically; he wanted to make even more strides in the Gospel Community. Charles then started his own Artist management/Promotion company, Kingdom Alliance Entertainment. Through his company, Charles has promoted national concerts, recordings, and has hosted numerous concerts, including working with artist as Karen Clark Sheared, Anita Wilson, John P. Kee, Ted Winn, Sheri Jones Moffitt, Kirk Whalum, Jackalyn Carr and many, many more. He has risen to be one of the top concert producers/promoters in the Memphis and Mid South region.

Charles understands the balance between the natural man and the spiritual man; therefore, Charles went on further to pursue his Master’s degree. In 2015, Charles received his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently, he is pursuing his path to becoming a renowned therapist that is committed to working with, not only couples, but individuals, adolescents, and those effected by trauma. Charles is EMDR-Level II trained (Trauma) and believed he is called, not only naturally, but spiritually to walk those he serves through their sorry so that they can become healthy mentally. Charles considers himself a “life changer” who loves to engage with individuals and take their hurt, pain and turn them into tools of victory. As a result, he has produced healthy, enduring relationships with those he counsel and has built respect and admiration from his colleagues who work alongside him in the field.

Charles believed there was an even more God was calling him to do. In 2015, Charles began working on his first book, Psalms of the Heart, a personal daily devotional Charles wrote after experiencing one of the most difficult times in his life. Charles is excited about God allowing him the opportunity to reach the masses through this incredible means through his writings. This is only the beginning!

Charles is a humble servant and believes strongly God has put him on this earth to make a difference. In others words, to be salt and light in this generation; Charles will not stop until he has made his mark on this earth.

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